Government Agencies

Invercargill Electoral Commission

A general election is held in New Zealand every three years where electors will choose the representatives to lead the country for the following term.

By enrolling and voting you are having a say in the decisions that affect you, and having a voice in the running of the country.

Your local Registrar of Electors, Danette Pikia, will be attending CareerFest Southland, so you can update your details or enrol to ensure you have your say on the future.

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Ministry of Social Development - Limited Service Volunteer

What is it?

LSV is a live-in training course through the Ministry of Social Development, run in partnership with New Zealand Defence Force for 18-24-year olds. 

The six-week program builds confidence, life skills and a willingness to learn and grow in their future workplace. 

Hire a LSV graduate?

LSV graduates: 

  • are motivated 
  • are self-disciplined 
  • value teamwork, and 
  • have respect for others. 

Young people volunteer to take part in LSV. They learn new skills and get to know more about who they are, what they want to do and what it takes to get there. 

When they graduate, they’re ready to work, learn and want to make a positive contribution to your business. As an employer you’ll be supporting LSV graduates and your community. 

To find out more about the LSV course - email,  call or text 029 2013015